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Providing Everything You Need


Market Intelligence

To stay ahead in the marketplace, it is imperative to stay up to date with all the new innovations and developments that could affect the business. Our acute focus on market intelligence and market trends provides our partners with the competitive edge to operate their business.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing is the last element of the information continuum. Thus, it is crucial to provide bespoke strategies specific to different markets for our clients which enables them to make informed decisions about the distribution of all products globally.


Distribution & Logistics

As a pharmaceutical distributor, we possess unparalleled expertise with regard to import & export requirements needed to deliver all supplies using specialized methods that is vital for all products.

Regulatory Support

As theSAY has its establishments in multiple geographical locations, every country is different in terms of what the regulators define as norms of operation. Our team of experienced professionals provide the latest and the best solutions to partners while keeping in mind the laws that govern entry into new markets & for product registrations.


Institutional Business

theSAY Pharma is constantly involved in institutional sales by procuring medicines from our partners and supplying to various institutions such as hospitals, government bodies, corporate & centralzed institutions etc.

Tender Business

As we are regularly involved in tender business, our experience & expertise allows us to accurately participate in desirable tender requests, to select the lowest prices and procuring the right products to be sold across all our distribution network.

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